Conjunctions AND — BUT — OR — SO


Conjunctions (and, but, or, so) are used to join together two clauses which are both equally important.

AND = joins two similar ideas together

Exemple: He lives in London, and he studies at University

BUT = joins two contrasting ideas

Exemple: He is Canadian, but she is English.

OR = joins two alternative ideas

Exemple: I could cook some supper, or we could order a pizza.

SO = shows that the second idea is the result of the first

Exemple: She was sick, so she went to the doctor.

Continue with the exercise

1. Jaewon was cold, … he put on a coat.

2. Maria tried to read a novel in French, … it was too difficult.

3. To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly, … you can ride the ferry.

4. I bought a bottle of wine, … we drank it together.

5. The waiter was not very nice, … the food was delicious.

6. I went to buy a Rolling Stones CD, … the shop didn’t have it.

7. Anna needed some money, … she took a part-time job.

8. There’s so much rain lately! Maybe it’s because of El Nino, … maybe it’s just coincidence.

9. Julie has a guitar, … she plays it really well.

10. The concert was cancelled, … we went to a nightclub instead.


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