Have you decided to learn French? Bienvenue !

French is the language of romance and love, of charm and tenderness! This language is so melodious and musical that it will charm anyone!

Moreover, French is the second most widely used language after English.

Are you a fan of gourmet food? Discover the world of delicious French cuisine. It comes as no surprise that it has been recognized a heritage of the world.

Do you enjoy travelling? You need to visit France for its gorgeous landscapes, to take a closer look at the medieval history and make yourself familiar with the culture of this wonderful country.


In Virtualingva, the specialized courses of the French language were developed for your special benefit:

For whom?

  • For anyone who has never learnt French before
  • For anyone who wants to refresh their memory
  • For anyone who wants to improve their knowledge
  • For anyone who cares about good speaking and reading skills, proper understanding of French and correct writing

General courses include the various themes and focus on studying all four essential language skills:

  • reading comprehension
  • oral expression
  • oral comprehension
  • written expression

The primary focus is on the grammar and proper pronunciation!


Our objectives are to teach you and also make you feel at ease while speaking French!

The environment in which the courses take place is very nice, comfortable and study-inspiring.

Your personal teacher will carefully guide you through your courses explaining new grammar points, giving you homework (optional) so as to fix the acquired knowledge, and making clear your mistakes.

Our well-experienced skilled teachers will select the relevant materials for you (absolutely free) and prepare a learning plan based on your personal needs and interests depending on your level of proficiency, whether that be :

  • Beginner (Niveau découverte, A1)
  • Elementary (Niveau survie, A2)
  • Pre-Intermediate (Niveau seuil, B1)
  • Intermediate (Niveau avancé, B2)
  • Upper Intermediate (Niveau autonome, C1)
  • Advanced (Maîtrise, C2)


For whom?

  • For anyone who wants to master the business communication skills in French
  • For anyone who wants to improve their negotiation skills in French

Business French course is aimed at developing integrated skills concerning written and oral languages that are indispensable in a business environment.

This course is based on true situations which our students are dealing with in their professional practice. The primary focus is on studying general and specialized vocabulary that is necessary for the different business discussions with which you’re dealing with.

Our objective is to make easier the process of communication between you and your foreign business partners.

These courses include learning of the following topics:

  • Making deals
  • Business correspondence
  • HR management
  • Business journeys
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Organization and holding of meetings
  • Dealing with tasks concerning the management and organization of business
  • Marketing
  • Holding of presentations

For whom?

  • For anyone who wants to know how to present oneself in the best way during the interview
  • For anyone who wants to learn how to process documents properly
  • For anyone who wants to move up the career ladder

It is no secret that French mastery may raise your chances to succeed and therefore, increase your income. That’s why in Virtualingva, the specialized courses of the French language were developed for you to learn all the secrets of a successful interview.

Our interview preparation courses will help you with different aspects such as:

  • Self-presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • How to understand questions properly
  • How to formulate your answers most explicitly
  • How to stay absolutely sure about your language skills during the interview

Simulating interview option gives our students a wonderful chance of training their skills acquired during our courses. This allows them to gain more self-confidence and to be absolutely sure of their knowledge.


For whom?

  • For anyone who learns French on their own
  • For anyone who cannot find the answers to sensitive questions

Learning French on your own? Then, in the learning process you may often have some questions and doubts concerning such issues as:

  • Pronunciation of certain French words
  • Proper use of prepositions, tenses, and other grammatical aspects
  • Proper use of some words and expressions
  • Holding of personal and business correspondence

Thanks to the unique service of Online Consultation, we can provide you with assistance whatever stage of learning you are at. The teachers of Virtualingva will help you to find answers to any question you may have and will prepare a special class for you to fix your acquired knowledge.

Online consultations are flexible and adapted to your needs. It is not necessary to enroll in a complete French course in our school. You can just contact us in case if you have any difficulties.

We will be happy to help you!


For whom?

  • For anyone who wants to pass the international French language examination with a high mark
  • For anyone who needs to get a detailed information on the examination components
  • For anyone who wants to get more skilled at oral expression
  • For anyone who cares about correct writing in order to pass perfectly a written expression exam
  • For anyone who wants to know how to acquire effective listening skills for the test

Certified teachers in Virtualingva are very experienced in preparing students for international examinations. We can be justifiably proud of our students’ success, given their results by the end of this course!

Virtualingva specializes in preparation for the international examinations:

  • DELF
  • DALF
  • DILF
  • TCF
  • TEF

To obtain the international certificate means to increase your chances of getting a better job or study placement, and to certify your acquired knowledge.

Even if for you learning English is for you a kind of entertainment, we will do our best to make it more positive, effortless and exciting!

Distance-learning French courses are efficient and eco-friendly, with a very practical and well-planned learning process!

We are result-oriented, and so making your classes interesting and productive is very important thing to us. Your success is also our success!

Are you still hesitating? See for yourself!

Contact us right now!

P.S. The courses which have been mentioned before are not universal as they are developed individually for each student depending on their personal needs and requests. Number of hours can vary, since we focus on development of communication skills and overcoming the language barrier.