I am very glad to welcome you to our online European virtual school web-site! !

Virtualingva was established in 2011 and during this time it has successfully managed to gain a reputation in the field of e-learning, thanks to the concerned efforts of our team of professional teachers (link), high quality teaching and brilliant results of our students.

As a teacher, I am aware of the subtleties of the teaching and learning process. And it is very important for me to give each student the feeling of joy and ease during the learning process, because your success is also my success!

Virtualingva will help you to understand and feel the language, reveal the secrets which only native speakers know about, and will also teach you some tricks that will help you to be at your best in terms of speaking a foreign language.

Take the first step towards your dream, enlist support from professional teachers, plunge into the pleasant process of learning a new language and culture, discover new horizons and feel the joy of communication!

It’s really entertaining and interesting!

Virtualingva’s CEO, Anastasia GREMILLET


✓ Virtualingva is an online European foreign language school founded in 2011 in the heart of Europe, in France. The school provides licensed professionals living in a native-speaking country (Europe, England, Australia, the USA, Russia etc.). We’re teaching a modern spoken language that native speakers use. We are very patient! The teachers of Virtualingva are caught up on the most recent developments of the language. You will be informed first-hand of all the novelties. We can explain in a simple and clear way without any complex terms or unclear words.


✓ We can explain in a simple and clear way without any complex terms or unclear words. We are professionals. We are result-oriented and we can help you to reach your cherished goals in learning a foreign language. We will solve the mystery of speaking a foreign language “with a perfect accent”, of easy and comprehensible grammar, and of easy-to-remember vocabulary. We care about applying the theory into practice “on-site”. Our teachers prepare individualized classes according entirely to your preferences, dates and requests.


✓ We organize classes on sensitive subjects. Our classes take place online, on Skype, at any time convenient for you, and in a comfortable ambience. We provide you with all the necessary materials for classes. Anyone can take classes in Virtualingva, whatever their level of proficiency. We master the various methods of teaching and use only modern teaching materials. Taking classes on Virtualingva is easy, practical, and interesting. In order to assess all the benefits of our online school, sign up for a free test lesson – and you will love it!


See you later!

Our Teachers



Anastasia M

English, French, Russian


French, Russian

Anastasia G

English, French, Russian


French, Russian


English, French, Russian

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Our Students’ Results

They pass international exams with a good pass rate - 85%
They can speak about easy topics after few lessons - 88%
They are satisfied with classes - 95%
They can express thoughts correctly, clearly and easily - 97%
They have improved their pronunciation - 98%
They overcame the language barrier - 98%


Огромное спасибо за уроки и бесценный личный опыт. Даже не знаю за что больше)
author-img - Екатерина, Москва
Занятия французским языком в Virtualingva определенно лучшие. Я в школе учил язык 6 лет и мне в голову так и не смогли вложить мало-мальски того, что вы мне дали на уроках.
author-img - Андрей, Москва
Chers professeurs, merci pour ce que vous faites pour mon fils de 16 ans. Il m’a dit qu’il était partant pour les cours avec vous à la rentrée parce qu’il veut avoir une super note au Bac, en anglais. Ce sont ses propos.
author-img - Nathalie, Bordeaux